Events & Collaboration


PIIB hosts two events a year; the annual convention and a fall event. Our events are great opportunity for all our companies and agencies to network and spend time together.

Annual Convention

Our annual convention is a two day event consisting of breakout session, PIIB Carrier tradeshow, and a principals meeting where we distribute profit sharing checks. We are always looking for great speakers and valuable material to present to our affiliates. We do not charge our affiliates or carriers to attend these events. The PIIB convention has been described by many of our affiliates as a "Class Reunion" it is a great way to not only network with the carriers but to connect affiliates.

Fall Events

Our fall events are usually hosted in September or October, another great networking opportunity for our carriers and affiliates. Our past fall events include Giants Games, Napa Valley Wine Train, Monterey Aquarium, Magic Castle, Bay Cruise, etc. The fun never ends with PIIB.


PIIB's group of principals is a highly cohesive and united group, willing to share their knowledge and experience with one another.

PIIB Market Search

We have a mailing list of every member agency including principals, producers and CSRs. You simply send an e mail very briefly describing what kind of account you are placing – including approximate size and what coverage you are seeking. PIIB's send that description to our data base. Typically and agent will receive responses within an hour or two of companies. Our agents and their staff love this tool.

Principals Collaboration

PIIB's group of principals is a highly cohesive and united group, willing to share their knowledge and experience with one another. Principals have the ability to send PIIB an e-mail with a question about anything from Agency Management Systems, Producer Contracts, Raters, etc. which is blasted out to our Principal Group to start internal conversations.

principals collaboration

Acquisitions and Mergers Within PIIB

Since our contract does not allow PIIB to be a retail agency we cannot buy any of our affiliates. You will, however; have 200+ potential buyers among PIIB affiliates. In the past we have had numerous PIIB affiliates sell to other PIIB agencies in addition to a few mergers.

PIIB Connect

Each PIIB affiliate has access to PIIB Connect which is a private portal to access carrier information such as:

  1. Current contact information to make navigating their organization easier.
  2. A description of the company, the services they offer, and what's in their catalog.
  3. A calendar of their upcoming live or webinar events.
  4. Appetite Guides and Success Lists.

We send weekly PIIB Connect e-mails to the principals and staff of each agency, featuring a different carrier each week and providing updates on the recent posts. We also have a few deals with various vendors such as EZ Lynx, Applied, ect. Those discounts and promotions can be found in PIIB Connect. If you are curious to which vendors we have discounts with contact us