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Your Agency, Your Way

Does PIIB take any ownership in my book of business? Does PIIB have a retail?

All PIIB affiliates own 100% of their book of business, PIIB does not have  a retail agency, we feel that could be a conflict of interest. Our job is to take care of our companies and our affiliated agencies.

Is my agency allowed to have appointments outside of PIIB?

Absolutely, our contract has no restrictions against obtaining outside appointments.

Do we have to change our agency name and or list that we are a part of the PIIB?

PIIB does not require a legal name change.  We do recommend that you include “an affiliate of PIIB” in your email signatures, so carriers are easily able to identify PIIB affiliates, however this is not required.  That request is not to promote PIIB, but to facilitate identifying you as a PIIB member, since some of the appointments are in PIIB’s name.

Does PIIB dictate what agency management systems or software our agency uses?

PIIB does not endorse any agency management systems nor do we dictate what system the agents use. You will have access to 200-plus agencies who have already gone through the decision making process. Our agents use Applied Systems, AMS, and Eclipse as well as a few lesser known systems. We do have a few discounts with various systems, but the choice is yours.

What if my agency wants to leave PIIB? Are there any penalties or am I blocked from appointments?

PIIB’s contract requires 90 day notice, and we will help you disconnect your book from PIIB. There are no penalties or hooks, we don’t block you from any future appointments with carriers.

testimonial lucy harris
Lucy Harris
Palm Springs, CA

After considerable research and rumination I decided PIIB was the best cluster partnership for the agency. What a great decision—the transfer has been seamless, the PIIB personnel are totally professional and the agency is thriving! A successful cluster relationship inures to both the independent agency and to the cluster!