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What's a WOW Agency?

PIIB introduced the “WOW Agency” term a few years ago, we are proud to have the best agencies affiliated with PIIB. With that, we are looking for agencies that will grow profitably with our companies and work in a collaborative way with other PIIB affiliates. WOW agencies are not satisfied with the status quo, they are passionate about improving their agencies every day.

  • Knowledge & Experience
  • In Growth Mode
  • Entrepreneur Spirit
  • Coachable
  • Involved in the Community
  • Progressing in Technology
  • Unique Marketing
Testimonials Nick Roumi
Nick Roumi
Radius Business Insurance Experts – Brea, CA

  They provide access to relevant carriers. They don't get in the way, this is a minimalist organization and its extremely efficient. Ultra responsive which is a big huge requirement for me and my agency.