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2020 COVID-19 Agency Value

The changes to our way of life have substantially changed (at least temporarily) due to Covid-19. But how does that affect agency value and your plans to buy or sell an agency? While the insurance industry is relatively recession proof, Covid-19 can and will have an impact on insurance industry M&A in addition to how we currently run our agencies.

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PIIB in California Elects 2020’s Board of Directors

El Dorado Hills, Calif.-based Pacific Interstate Insurance Brokers has announced its 2020 board of directors.
The voting members of Pacific Interstate Insurance Brokers reelected seven people to PIIB’s board during the annual meeting held in December.

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Pacific Interstate Insurance Brokers – #10 Agency Partnerships 2019

Agency members are treated equal even when it comes to cost to join. The total cost to join is a one-time $5,000 initiation fee and $850 monthly. “There is no commission split, and our affiliates keep 100% of the commission,” said Tracy Ryan, marketing and agency relations for PIIB. Also, the monthly fee does not increase. “Simply, $850 a month,” she stressed. Cost is not the only differentiating factor PIIB likes to cite.

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