Affiliate Testimonials

Mike Stromsoe
Stromsoe Insurance Agency

We cannot thank you enough for the ongoing relationship between our agency and the PIIB family. We remain grateful in so many ways. Since we joined forces with PIIB 6 years ago, our business has continued to substantially grow. But being a PIIB member means more than growth. It means incredible leverage with our carrier partners, financial security through the contracts negotiated by PIIB and ultimately results in a better life for my family and the families of my agency teammates. We have been to accomplish goals personally in the last 3 years that would have never been possible if not through the industry relationships leveraged by PIIB. The attitude of gratitude always wins. We just wanted to make sure you knew how grateful we are. If any agency who is considering a relationship with PllB would like to speak with me, please don't hesitate to provide them my contact information.

testimonial nanci sparrow
Nanci Sparrow
Sparrow General Insurance Agency – Hermosa Beach, CA

I sleep easy at night knowing I have PIIB on my side. My small Agency would have never had a chance gaining direct appointments to all these quality markets. Thank you PIIB!

testimonial Bryan Sanny
Bryan Sanny
Sanny Insurance Services - Aptos, CA

In 2002, I was introduced and given the opportunity to join the PIIB organization. The staff has always been supportive, friendly and incredibly helpful as my business continued to grow. Larry Manning and members of the team have always been committed to listening to input from the field and negotiating on our behalf with the carriers. As we now begin the transition into retirement, PIIB once again has done a fantastic job in their continued partnership. They have introduced me to interested parties, and assisted in navigating the waters of rolling over my agency. Joining the PIIB organization was one of the best business decisions I made and I will always be grateful for their support.

testimonial Jeff Hayashi
Jeff Hayashi
Hayashi Insurance Solutions - Aptos, CA

There are many clusters for independent agencies to choose to partner with but none, and I mean none, measure up to PIIB. With PIIB we not only have true autonomy with our carriers, ease of access to markets, a generous profit sharing program, and total ownership of our book, we also feel like we are part of a big, and close family.

testimonial Mike Modaberpour
Mike Modaberpour
Modab Insurance Services, Inc - Westlake Village, CA

I was new in business, I needed the strength of a cluster/group to be able to obtain the markets I needed to make my transition as seamless and painless as possible. After speaking with 4 different clusters, I was most impressed with Larry’s genuine concern for my well being and honesty on our call. I was also impressed with his team and the way they treat the people they work with. PIIB offered (and still does) the most value of all the clusters I interviewed and most importantly, they delivered on all their promises. I would not have been able to get to where my agency is today without the help and partnership with PIIB and their team. We have just about every direct appointment an agency can ask for and they do their best to get us the best profit sharing and contracts possible. I interviewed 4 PIIB agency owners before joining and they all had noting but great things to say (like me). I highly recommend any an all new potential PIIB member to do the same and more than happy to give back and spend a few minutes on a call being the interviewed owner this time around.

Testimonials Nick Roumi
Nick Roumi
Radius Business Insurance Experts – Brea, CA

They provide access to relevant carriers. They don't get in the way, this is a minimalist organization and its extremely efficient. Ultra responsive which is a big huge requirment for me and my agency.

testimonial john wood
John Wood
McGee & Thielen Insurance Brokers, Inc – Sacramento, CA

Our original Co-Op was charging us $40,000 in fees, and taking 25% of the profit sharing off the top. PIIB offered us a $10,000 fee, and only a 10% take of the profit sharing. Now, I only went to State college, but the math seemed pretty straight forward to me. Also, we liked Larry and the PIIB gang far more, so this one really did fall in the “no-brainer” category. We’ve been PIIB members for a few years now, and the decision to move just keeps looking like a better and better one all the time.