The PIIB Difference

Independent agencies have many choices in network. It is not hard to find a network. They are everywhere. With that said, there are MANY differences between PIIB and other models. We are proud of our simple model that works. We are not interested in ownership or controlling your agency. Our goal is to help your agencies thrive. We advise any agencies looking into clusters to ask the right questions before you sign a contract.


Cluster #1Cluster #2
Accessing Companies 100% direct access to markets Direct access to some markets and central marketing for others Central marketing for all companies
Cost $850 monthly for all affiliates

Fee plus % of commission


Sliding scale fees based on volume
% of commissions
Commissions 100% paid to agency most directly by companies Commission reduced by cluster Commissions paid to cluster, cluster pays agency
Profit Sharing 90% paid to agencies 75% paid to agencies No profit sharing paid to agencies
Bonus Commissions – New Business Bonuses 90% paid to agencies based on their new business 75% paid to agencies None paid to agencies
Ownership of Affiliates PIIB takes no ownership position in the agency or the agency's book A percent of agency is owned by the cluster Agency must offer to sell book when leaving
Termination Notice 90 day's notice Notice requires purchasing the ownership back from the cluster 10 day's notice with 50% of commissions forfeited immediately after termination
Termination Penalties No penalties Agency prohibited from seeking direct appointments with clusters markets for two years Agency continues to pay fees for two years on business written by companies represented by clusters
Don't get trapped!
Cluster Ownership Owned by 12 former and current PIIB affiliates Partially owned by insurance company Owned by a retail insurance agency